What's happening in Merida- events

What's Happening

Merida is a lively city that celebrates its culture every day of the week. From live performances and concerts by members of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Yucatán (OSY) to La Vaqueria and Sunday celebrations . For a full schedule of what's going on in Merida, check out Yucatan Living's website.

pepole dancing in traditional costumes in merida

Classical Music Concerts

La Hacienda Xcanatún and Chamber Music Merida! will be presenting a series of concerts performed by members of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Yucatán (OSY), along with other distinguished musicians. This inaugural 2016-2017 concert series will feature solos, duets, trios, quartets, and larger ensembles performing a wide range of musical styles and composers.
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The civilizations of pre-Hispanic Mexico, going back some three thousand years, all played a type of ball game known as "pok-a-tok", and every Mayan city had a ball court. Merida has its own recreation of "pok-a-tok", played each Friday evening on the street in front of the cathedral.

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Night of Cultures

Every Saturday night in Merida, experience performances at the Casa de Montejo and Cathedral de Merida. These performances highlight the roots of the different cultures that meld into the culture we find in Merida today. Look for both domestic and international performances here.

traditional festivities in merida with traditional costumes

La Vaqueria

La Vaqueria is one of the most widespread traditional festivals in the Yucatan. This celebration has its roots in the 18th century, when cattle ranching was the main source of wealth on the Yucatan Peninsula. Ranchers held huge fiestas to show off their wealth during branding time. The dances were adapted by the wives of the cowboys and soon developed into the signature dances of Yucatan. Every Monday you can enjoy this celebration outside of City Hall, featuring performances by the Ballet Folklorico de Merida, accompanied by the Orchestra Jaranera.

pepole dancing in traditional costumes in merida

Merida en Domingo

Merida’s tree-lined Plaza Grande is the heart of this vibrant city. While there are almost always live music and performances, the square really comes alive for the city’s cherished Mérida en Domingo event. Each Sunday, visitors are enticed here with the sounds of live mariachi and marimba bands. The entertainment is homegrown fabulous, ranging from abuelos doing the mambo and cha-cha to professional folkloric dancers. Select streets are closed to traffic Sunday, so rent a bike and enjoy the merriment from your two-wheeled perch.