The best food & drink recommendations in Merida, Mexico

Food & Drink

Merida's traditional cuisine is the result of mixing together ingredients and recipes from Spanish and Mayan cultures. Merida boasts a large number of restaurants and cantinas where visitors will be able to find any kind of food or drink, from the most basic and inexpensive to the most sophisticated fine dining. Don’t forget to try Panuchos , Cochinita Pibil or Sopa de Lima .

street food


Wayan'e is one of the most popular taco stands in Merida. Known for its castacan (fried pork belly), Wayan'e (meaning 'here it is' in Maya) is one of Mérida's premier breakfast spots. Vegetarians will find options here, such as the huevo con ixkatic (egg with chili) taco and fresh juices. But if you eat meat, it's all about the greasy goodness of the castacan torta (sandwich).


Kuuk is a mixture of Mexican indigenous ingredients and cutting edge techniques resulting in a new style of Mexican cuisine. Located in a beautiful architectural building, Kuuk experiments with traditional Mexican flavors to achieve a truly unique meal experience.



Inventive but delicious takes on traditional Yucatecan cuisine, a setting that would win design awards, and super friendly and helpful staff make for a winning combination at this north Mérida destination restaurant. The cebollas negras (blackened onions) might look unappealing but the taste soon dispels any doubts. And you can't go wrong with the meat and fish for a main.
Their imaginative cocktails are a great start to a meal and imaginative desserts a great way to finish.

la chaya maya

La Chaya Maya

Popular with locals and tourists alike, this restaurant opened a new location in a lovely downtown colonial building. Consider La Chaya your introduction to classic Yucatecan fare like relleno negro (black turkey stew) or cochinita pibil (slow-cooked pork). The original location opens for breakfast.


Oliva Enoteca

Oliva Enoteca gives its customers the feeling of being in an Italian grandmother's kitchen. Casual and homey, Oliva offers its customers a mix of traditional recipes with original recipes by the house chef.

people at a bar in merida

La Negrita Cantina

Located in Merida's historic city center, La Negrita Cantina is a renovated historic bar. Offering authentic beers, cocktails, and Yucatan snacks, La Negrita Cantina is an excellent place to spend some time and enjoy Merida's city center.



Drawing on traditional recipes from Oaxaca, which much like the Yucatán is known for its extraordinary regional cuisine, Apoala reinvents popular dishes such as enmoladas (stuffed tortillas in a rich mole sauce) and tlayudas (a large folded tortilla with sliced beef, black beans and Oaxaca cheese).